WATR unit being installed

Real-time dissolved oxygen measurement in a carp lake


After consultation with the IFM, a site was identified for a long-term study of water quality in a fishery. The location was Conifer Lake fishery near Pocklington in Yorkshire. The lake is a well-managed carp lake with surface aerators installed. The device is fixed in place using an anchor and is located so that the risk of interfering with casting is minimized.


The WATR system is a floating, battery powered internet of things (IoT) enabled sensor platform. It puts the sensors right where you need them and transmits the data either to your mobile phone via an app or to your PC/laptop via a web site portal. Because the sensors report automatically you cannot forget to take a reading and it reads while you are away or asleep!

Through the application text messages and emails can sent to your phone or laptop to give you timely alerts to potentially hazardous situations.


WATR have taken fish protection a stage further by developing a fully automatic SWITCH, controlled directly from a WATR device, that will turn aerators on and off based on a dissolved oxygen level. SWITCH is retrofittable to any mains powered aeration system. Set points and alarms can be set from your smart phone or laptop.

SWTCH unit in action


This is a typical set of readings from the sensor. It shows how dissolved oxygen can change a lot during a normal day and how low dissolved can drop, sometimes to levels close to dangerous levels.

Dissolved Oxygen chart


Real-time dissolved oxygen sensors put you in charge and take one worry away from you. You can take appropriate action based on the real-time readings or take things further by integrating a SWITCH, for automated aeration control.

For details or to arrange an on-site demo contact Glyn Cotton: