WATR's "ecosystem" is our comprehensive approach to environmental monitoring, where multiple sensors work harmoniously together to provide a holistic view of a local ecosystem. Just as in nature, where different elements interact to maintain balance, our ecosystem of sensors collaborates to capture data on various environmental parameters. This integrated approach not only ensures a complete picture of the ecosystem but also allows for more accurate and insightful analysis, helping us better understand and protect the delicate balance of nature.

Graphic illustrating the various components of the WATR ecosystem
  1. 24/7 data access

    WATR monitors send their data at intervals, pre-set by the customer, to our servers (our default is every hour). this is sent to our desktop and mobile dashboard app, or to our custom api when integrated into existing corporate systems.

  2. Dashboard App & Custom Api

    The dashboard enables users to view and record their data, 24/7. Comparisons of trends can be made, and alerts can be set for any parameters that may require constant supervision.

  3. Tera / Soil Moisture

    These monitors are ideal for agricultural and horticultural customers, and are designed to live in fields and gardens. Too much water? pH too low or high? Custom alerts can help farmers and gardeners manage their soil conditions.

  4. Watr Buoy

    Designed for use in deep water, the WATR Buoy is perfect for deployment in reservoirs and offshore. This is one of our bespoke solutions, so please contact us with your specific requirements - we’re happy to help.

  5. Switch

    Using the WATR dashboard, owners can specify parameter alerts to trigger external equipment using Switch. For example, fisheries managers can activate aerators automatically when dissolved oxygen levels drop outside of safe levels.

  6. WATR Lite

    Designed to offer the same data capture abilities and rugged construction as WATR Pro, but in a smaller product, Lite is perfect for customers with a more limited parameter requirement. It incorporates fewer probes, but maintains the same communication capabilities.

  7. WATR Pro

    The device that started it all, Pro is our most versatile floating product, and can incorporate multi-depth monitoring. It is modular, so it can be expanded with extra devices in a self-contained raft, allowing even more probes, increased solar power generation, and extra battery packs.

  8. Depth

    Measuring the depth of water, 24/7, is simple with this monitor. It can be installed directly into a variety of locations, while being powered and transmitting data from a separate bankside device.

  9. Bankside

    For situations where floating platforms are not appropriate, we have a variety of bankside options. Direct instrumentation contact with the water course, combined with a counter-levered arm for easy access for maintenance, makes bankside options a perfect alternative to floating devices.

    A sub 30 minute installation still makes this a very cost effective way to get water quality monitoring programmes underway.

  10. Pumped solution

    Traditional pumped kiosks still have a place in water quality monitoring programmes. We have a cost effective version of this traditional method.

How WATR works

The readings from our monitors are uploaded at regular intervals, and they can be customised to align with your specific needs.

The real-time data is visually presented through a personalised dashboard, enabling you to easily compare parameters and collect information from multiple locations.

To keep you informed about abrupt changes, high or low levels, or irregular data, you can establish predefined alerts. These alerts can also be utilised in conjunction with our Switch device to activate hardware devices and conditioning equipment such as aerators or pumps as needed.

Products for varied use cases

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A wide range of sensors

Our monitors have the capability to incorporate probes that can measure a diverse range of parameters. This is made possible by employing a variety of monitoring and communication technologies, allowing seamless integration with existing monitoring programs and ensuring compatibility with future programs.

Get in touch

WATR has been designed to improve water quality around the world by providing an easy, accurate and a reliable way of monitoring water conditions, if you have any enquiries or questions please get in touch. Send us your specific requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.