WATR launches "SWITCH" for automated aeration and real-time Dissolved Oxygen monitoring

Introducing SWITCH, a smart switch that enables automated aeration and real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels.

Managing Dissolved Oxygen levels is critical to healthy lakes and reservoirs.

When Dissolved Oxygen levels drop, aeration becomes a critical intervention to avoid problems such as fish death, algae blooms and water quality deterioration.

Many lake managers will measure the dissolved oxygen level manually using handheld devices, once or at best twice a day at best. This is time consuming and usually isn’t carried out during evenings and early mornings, which are critical times for oxygen crashes and when aeration interception is required.

Many fisheries managers will leave aerators permanently on during the summer. This is inefficient, as knowing exactly when to aerate is critical. Otherwise aeration can be badly timed and totally ineffective, very wasteful in energy use, costly and risks the health of your water quality.

WATR - The Real Time Water Quality Monitor can measure parameters such as Dissolved Oxygen, Temp, pH and Ammonium in real-time and delivers alerts and notifications when levels drop below set thresholds. All data can be displayed in the WATR app or via a mobile/desktop dashboard to view all live data and also see trends.

The new WATR “SWITCH” accessory can switch aerators on and off automatically when water quality levels drop to specified levels.

It’s simple to install by just plugging into your aerator socket, connected to your WATR device through WiFi/LoRa communications and it’s easy to set thresholds for alerts and automated aerator intervention.

WATR and WATR SWITCH provides:

  • Automated aeration when needed
  • Alerts and notifications when levels drop
  • Energy usage saving (better for the planet)
  • Significant cost savings (better for you)
  • Better use of resources
  • Historical water quality data for trend management

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