WATR Monitor

WATR has been designed to improve water quality around the world by providing an easy, accurate and a reliable way of monitoring water conditions, so that action can be immediately initiated with an option to integrate with current APIs. The unit can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user with probe versatility and the ability to take samples at different depths, WATR is suitable for a large breadth of environments.

Product Features

Easy Installation

Start receiving data within just 2 minutes of
 opening the box.

Solar Powered

The base unit will run indefinitely over 12 months from the power of the sun (even in the UK).

Live Dashboard

Check out all of your data in one handy place using our live data dashboard.


WATR can send you real time alerts to keep you informed of its status.

Wireless Connection

WATR uses a number of different communication technologies to ensure your device stays connected at all times.


Additional sensors can be added to your WATR monitor for extra readings


Bespoke customisations are available, get in touch for more details.


The API can be integrated with existing infrastructure to enable changes to immediately improve water quality.

What can you measure with a WATR monitor?

Get the most detailed water quality data available via a Multi-Probe Sensor System, monitoring water quality at different depths including pH, Oxygen Reduction Potential, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Water Level and Temperature.

Additional bolt ons available very soon for Turbidity, Nitrates, Ammonium, Calcium, Chloride, Salinity, Flow Rate and many more.


WATR has been designed to solve business challenges and has been built to withstand the extreme conditions of lakes, rivers and reservoirs around the world.

A unique feature is that the probe chamber can be set to measure water quality at different depths up to 50 meters.


WATR is a highly versatile remotely managed water quality monitoring system. A key feature of WATR's product design is the system’s API (application programming interface) which integrates with the product data dashboard to enable data to be viewed from mobile or desktop devices and also to receive alerts and notifications.

The WATR system’s API enables water quality data to be integrated with our clients and their third parties’ existing smart network data dashboards and communication networks.

For example, we are working in partnership with CGI to integrate data from the WATR system into their custom data dashboard. See Highbridge Fisheries case study.

The API can also be utilised to remotely integrate and trigger external devices such as aerators, pumps, irrigation systems and water-gates to automatically respond to defined parameters when water quality and flows reaches certain thresholds.


Depending on the nature of your environment and requirements, WATR offer a variety of installation packages, installations are planned and costed with our clients to ensure we meet your needs. Find out more about Installation Options.

Self Installation

Our easy to use system ensures it is easy to install WATR. We will send the equipment along with a video instruction guide and you will be receiving data within 2 minutes of opening the box.

Self Installation & Support

To support our self-installation, we offer video and telephone fault finding and support service. If required WATR will send a replacement monitor and pay the post/packaging to return your existing product.

Bespoke Installation

We offer bespoke installations due to the nature of some environments or clients' lack of resources available. Some of our larger corporate network clients require installations on scale.

Bespoke Installation & Support

The WATR support team offers a bespoke installation service including a support service. To support our bespoke installation, we offer video and telephone fault finding and support service.

If you would like to contact us regarding your specific needs call us on 07718425116.
Alternatively fill out the enquiry form below.