The Smart NPK Soil Monitor

Real-time soil conditions

TERA enables farmers and agriculturalists to utilise the power of real-time soil condition data to improve crop conditions, reduce costs and to create more efficient farming and agricultural solutions.

Robust and durable

TERA is robust and durable, suitable to be applied at long-term monitoring of soil moisture and temperature. Idea for irrigation management, greenhouses, farming, gardening and other professional environmental monitoring.

TERA has been designed to overcome the challenges farmers face

Manual maintenance checks

Checking the soil parameters manually adds a considerable burden on total operational cost.

Inaccurate soil humidity data

It requires a high level of effort to check the soil humidity status of the entire farm manually.

Water wastage

Lack of real-time soil humidity information leads to over- or under watering crops, which not only wastes water but also damages crops.

Planting and cultivating timings

It’s hard to know the optimum time to plant without the availability of soil data of the entire farm.

Data power will transform the agriculture industry

IBM estimates that by the year 2050, smart internet enabled sensors will empower farmers to improve crop yields by 70 percent. Apart from weather forecasting and pest management, smart sensing has the potential to save up to 50 billion gallons of water per year and assist farmers in optimising water usage during irrigation.

The value of smart internet enabled sensors

Automate irrigation

TERA - The Smart Soil Monitor has a data API which enables us to utilize smart sprinkler systems (Actuators) which trigger the irrigation when the soil humidity goes below the desired limits.

Keep a continuous watch on the soil quality

Soil quality data is continually sent from the TERA sensors at defined intervals. Farmers can also be alerted on their mobile phone or email if any parameter goes beyond set tolerances. The multi-device data dashboard displays analytics, making it easy for the farmers to view soil conditions over any period of time whether it’s for real-time information or historic trends.

Data accessibility 24/7 from anywhere

To access data from anywhere at anytime, farmers simply need an internet connected mobile device or desktop to access the TERA data dashboard. This ensures that farmers have the maximum control of their soil conditions, even when away from the farm.

Help conserve water

Help conserve water: TERA helps farmers to understand when they need to water by having a comprehensive understanding of soil moisture. Automated irrigation can be triggered through the TERA API to automate the watering process when humidity reaches certain thresholds to save water through not over watering.

Costs and time saving

Smart sensing eliminates the need for manual soil checks. Ensuring time and effort can be spent on other priorities. TERA ensures that watering and soil management is efficient and effective.

TERA features

  • Solar powered
  • Multi-parameter sensor
  • pH
  • Humidity
  • Temperature (soil)
  • Conductivity
  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  • Live data (Desktop or Phone app)
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Automate watering through data triggers
  • Easy to self install or installation provided by TERA
  • Ongoing TERA service and maintenance if required

Different communications methods (currently GSM, LoRa, SigFox, WiFi, NBIoT, RF. Iridium solution shortly)

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