New Products: WATR Pro 2.0 and Hybrid Bankside

Introducing two new products by WATR which offer enhanced features and capabilities for efficient water quality monitoring and management.

Picture of Watr Pro 2.0 and Hybrid Bankside devices

After extensive development by the team at WATR we are delighted to release two new products to market.

WATR Pro 2.0 - The Smart Real-Time Water Quality Monitor

We have adapted the design of our flagship floating platform product WATR Pro 2.0 to improve mass manufacturing. Using recycled plastic, we have increased durability, improved the probe agnostic sensor chamber and made key components more interchangeable for faster maintenance.

WATR Pro 2.0 remains lightweight, portable and easy-to-install, with the ability to receive data almost instantaneously following installation to the mobile or desktop WATR dashboard.

Hybrid Bankside

In order to ensure our product is relevant to all environments and landscapes, we have adapted the core technology framework of the floating WATR Pro so that it can be used for more specialist bankside installations. Designed to be robust, enable sensors to be easily accessible for calibrations and relatively quick to install.

Ideal for extreme or public environments and when landowner permissions have been granted.

Hybrid Bankside offers all the features of WATR Pro in the form of a fixed structure.

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