Water quality management in the Highbridge Lake Fishery

WATR’s advanced technology revolutionizes water quality monitoring at Highbridge Lake Fishery, providing crucial insights for effective fishery management and the preservation of a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Picture of WATR pro units in a river alongside a map showing the location of the units

WATR’s technology can be utilised in a variety of different environments around the world, we can install WATR in lakes, rivers and reservoirs as well as other large open expanses of water. The Case Studies below are examples of how WATR can be used to solve real world problems and how it’s technology could be preventative to future devastating events.

The Highbridge Lake Fishery in Norfolk is used predominantly as a specimen lake for a number of different species, so managing water quality 24/7 is essential to ensure the health of the fish stock and to maximise breeding output throughout the year.

Using WATR – The Smart Water Monitor, lake manager James Brown is able to continually monitor Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Conductivity, Temperature and Oxygen Reduction Potential and to react to any emerging water quality issues through instant alerts and notifications. The WATR monitor allowed James to select the parameters he needed.

Highbridge is also used for agricultural land irrigation during the summer months. When required, water is pumped from the nearby river into the lake. It is essential for James that he’s tracking water quality of the water being pumped into the lake and that he is likewise supplying unpolluted water to fields to ensure that crops and livestock are protected. Using the constantly updated data provided by the WATR system, James is able to reassure local farmers about the water’s quality and also if required, to support this with historic monitoring data.

In November, Highbridge replenished the lake’s water levels. For the Highbridge Lake Fishery it’s essential that the input water is not contaminated in any way. The live data supplied from the WATR data dashboard is able to provide peace of mind that the river supply is fit for purpose and the instant notifications to any emerging problems means the supply can be shut down and risk minimised.

We have found WATR to be a game changer for our business.” James explained. “Previously we’d used manual probes which were extremely time consuming and we weren’t physically able to monitor the data 24/7. Also, the breadth of probes ensures that we cover all the bases which we couldn’t manage before due to the cost of equivalent systems.

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